Hall Councils

Student Union Hall Council of C.L. Soong Hall

C. L. Soong Hall is a warm family which full of energy. No matter what we faced, we always encourage and stand by each other’s side. There are lots of activities which satisfied both adventurousness and quiescent resident students. We promise to give resident students a fruitful life. Welcome to our residential students next year! Our motto is ‘ Living, Learning, Giving’, which hopes our resident students can learn and gain experiences while living in C. L. Soong Hall. We hope you will have a fruitful and happy hall life next year. See you in C. L. Soong Hall!


Email: su-clsh@so.hkbu.edu.hk

Tel / whatsapp / Signal: 9364 1940

Website: https://soong19th.wixsite.com/website 

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Student Union Hall Council of C.N. Yang Hall

C.N. Yang Hall established at 2002. The Hall motto is “Hall with a heart”. We organize many events to our residents, such as High Table Dinner, Theme Party, Yang Festival and more.你可以喺Yang Hall感受到層帶嚟嘅溫暖之外,更加可以透過參加hall functions識到好多人!我哋喺Yang Hall呢個大家庭等緊你哋!


Email: su-cnyh@so.hkbu.edu.hk

Tel / Whatsapp / Signal: 5110 7285

Website: https://www.yanghall.com/

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Student Union Hall Council of S.R. Zhou Hall

S. R. Zhou Hall is one of the halls in HKBU. It is named after Mr Lu Xun’s real name - Zhou Shuren. Our hall motto is ‘Aide Sans Frontières’ which means, crosses boundaries and cares for society. We encourage our residents to step out of their comfort zones and achieve their goals. Throughout the one-year hall life, we have about 25 functions for the residents to join. For instance, the Lu Xun banquet, Annual Promenade and Singing contest. Students can build up their social network and leave unforgettable memories. Enthusiastic and warm are best to describe S. R. Zhou Hall!


終於捱過咗DSE,辛辛苦苦入到大學,係咪心郁郁想輕鬆玩下呢?咁嘅話住周hall就啱晒你啦!一年hall life有大概二十幾個活動畀你玩,例如有歌唱比賽、周年舞會同魯迅節。而住周hall最好之處,就係可以識到一班又玩得又啱傾嘅hallmates~無論你幾時諗到想做咩,只要出聲,就會有人陪你做。從來都冇人話過住呵一定要點點點,所謂嘅hall life係靠自己創造㗎!周hall究竟係點?住過你咪知囉!期待喺hall見到你哋!


Email: su-srzh@so.hkbu.edu.hk

Tel / Whatsapp / Signal: 5408 4689

Website: http://zhou-hall.hkbu.edu.hk/

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Student Union Hall Council of Y.P. Cai Hall

Y.P. Cai Hall was established in 2002. “Grow in Excellence” is always our hall motto. We always dare to voice out and fight for our rights no matter whether inside or outside school when there is injustice in order to serve the justice.


Email: su-ypch@so.hkbu.edu.hk 
Tel / Whatsapp / Signal: 6288 8228 (Minnie) / 5378 1347 (Cynthia)
Website: https://ypcaihallhkbu.wixsite.com/ypcaihall


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