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Religion and Philosophy Society

Welcome all! We, the Religion and Philosophy Society, are ready to help students to adopt to a new life in university. We will organize various activities for students and professors to talk and have fun, in order to continue our great tradition that having a close relationship within department. Moreover, we hope that our students will eventually find out their meaning of life and lifelong friends in the days of RPE, and apply what they have learned in RPE to the society.


Email: (Ko Cheuk Yin)

Signal: 6132 0267 (Ko Cheuk Yin)

Member registration form:

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Students' Union Faculty of Arts Society

Faculty of Arts Society desires to enrich the campus lives of all dear members by providing an unforgettable variety of activities, including Ocamp, academic week, start-of-semester gathering and so on. The society also aims to act as a bridge between the students of Faculty of Arts and the department. We promise to do our utmost to serve our members.

On behalf of the Faculty of Arts Society, it is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our society. We hope that you will find a sense of belonging and pursuit in the Faculty of Arts. Our faculty is dedicated to supporting you to explore your interests and achieve your academic goals.


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