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The Hong Kong Baptist University Judo Club was established in 1970.  It has been committed to promoting judo, which is a martial art and an Olympics sport, in the university. Through the training of judo, the judo spirit of making maximum efficient use of energy and enhancing mutual welfare is achieved.



柔道精神中的「精力善用」,是指柔道是身心的靈活動作。 但是“柔”一詞從不意味著軟弱,反而是適應和開放。,正是「以柔制剛」的道理。

柔道訓練的目的是教柔道學生如何掌握各種柔道技術,從而最佳利用身體和心靈的力量。 逢星期一和星期四於柔大校園練習。 訓練中,學員能夠掌握不同的柔道技術知識,包括投技,固技和受身技等。所有學員都學會更好地利用自己的身體和思想來施展柔道技術。 而且,經過訓練後,學員可以增強自信心,提升解決問題的能力及培養彼此尊重的品德。



Tel / Whatsapp / Signal: 9120 6018

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Judo Club

Rowing Club

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Rowing Club welcomes all BU students who are passionate about the exciting sport of rowing. Our club holds a variety of training and overseas camp for members. Professional trainers will guide members on the water and teach rowing techniques in the structure trainings and programs. Members can challenge themselves through different rowing competitions, including but not limited to the Harbour Regatta and the Shing Mun Rowing Challenge.

Love doing outdoor activities?
Crave expanding your social circle?
Here is a favourable opportunity:
Rowing Team offers a wide variety of activities,
including Fun Day, O' Night and G Camp,
as well as a series of rowing training,
like weekly training and overseas training camp.
Come and join us!!!
We can’t wait to see you soon!!!


Tel / Whatsapp / Signal: 9060 9555 (Yoyo) / 9324 4859 (Maisy)

Student Union Hiking Explorer Association

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Hiking Explorer Association(HEA) is a society which holds events related to mountain-craft, such as hiking and camping, through which we actively provide assistance and expertise to our members. In hopes of allowing our members to admire nature's beauty and to enjoy getting closer to nature with the correct manner.

Living in a concrete forest, it is rare for us to have any opportunity to get close to nature, which is why you should join our society today! Not only do we guide you through the exploration of the wild and sublime side of Hong Kong, you will also get to meet like-minded people that could turn into precious friendships that last a life time! What are you waiting for? Come and join us today!


Tel / Whatsapp / Signal: 5118 6867 (Yowa)


Student Union Kendo Club

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The kendo club has regular kendo training and visits to local kendo competitions. Beginners are welcomed!

Membership fee: HKD40
(Include one try-out session)

Information for regular training:
Time: Fridays 19:30-21:30
Venue: Wai Hang Sports Centre
Tuition fee: HKD150 per month
(*Lessons may be conducted via online meetings due to current epidemic prevention measures)



如果你有興趣知多d關於劍道嘅事/學劍道,就可以填我地嘅online application form (!有最新消息嘅時候就可以第一時間收到啦!


Tel / Whatsapp: 6898 8474

Student Union Mountaineering Association

We are an interest club mainly serving non-local student on mountain hiking, local culture exploring, cycling, and other outdoor activities. We also welcome all local student to participate. Our main goal is to let student relax from work and provide them with a chance of communication with other students.

Feeling tired of all that school pressure? Suffering to meet new friends with similar interests? Want to learn more of the local cultures and feel the nature? Join us and you shall find out what adventure and fun is coming for you. 


Tel / Whatsapp: 6768 6104

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Students' Union Archery Club

Hello everyone! We are the committees from Archery Club. We provide various types of activities to get you to experience the fun of archery. We are planned to hold a fun day for people that have never tried archery before. Also, we have beginner courses to help you to be more familiar with archery. Moreover, we also have some regular training for some intermediate trainers. We may also have a joint school archery competition. In the meantime, we plan to hold orientation activities to gather members and have some fun games together.

Have you tried archery before? We have different training from beginners to advanced. We believe that you can fully enjoy archery no matter you are new to it or not. We provide all the related tools and a professional coach to guide you for every activity. If you are willing to challenge yourself and interested in archery, do not hesitate to join us and make new friends with similar hobbies.


Tel / Whatsapp / Signal: 6188 9033

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Students’ Union Dodgeball Club

Our club mainly focusing on dodgeball promotion, we provide different activities like orientation day, regular training, competition, fun games, etc.  to our members and there will be some welfare to our members. Come and join us to enjoy more about DODGEBALL!!



Tel / Whatsapp / Signal: 5114 3416

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