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Astronomy Club

It is a non-profit-making student organisation that aims to promote and enhance students' knowledge and interest in astronomy, so as to enrich students' college life.
What's more, members can broaden the horizon through participate the activities including Academic Week or Talk.

When studying under great pressure, the Astronomical Society will provide a variety of activities, so that members can escape the hustle and bustle, look up at the stars, and create a comfort zone for everyone. At the same time, I hope everyone can learn about the beauty of the night sky by participating in the Astronomical Society.


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Chinese Debating Team

BU debate has many achievements, including many rewards in different competitions. Even though we are under a pandemic, we can still enter the final round of one of the competitions we joined last year. We are looking forward to seeing you this year!



“Debate? That means arguing with others!”
NO! No matter who you are and what your stance is, you should have a chance to present your idea. Life can suffer wrong, but cannot be discouraged. Welcome you to join us and let us know more about your opinion!



Tel / Whatsapp / Signal: 5510 5867

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Game Theory Society

Hey! Our fellow schoolmates! We’re Game Theory Society. You may find us and explore the fantasy world in tones of board games in YSS 701. We’re not here just for playing board game, but meeting new friends. A regular gathering would be held on every Friday night.
Join us now and have FUN!

啱啱上到大學,想識下friend?嚟Game Soc啦!我哋有唔同款式嘅board game,有party game,適合大家一齊又玩又笑;亦有策略型嘅board game,適合鍾意思考嘅你,仲有⋯⋯太多啦!快啲上嚟一齊玩啦~


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Student Union Mandarin Debate Team

Established in 2000, the Hong Kong Baptist University Mandarin Debate Team will provide individualized training to its members every year to exercise logical thinking and improve their presentation skills. And the team will participate in local and international debating tournaments in Hong Kong every year, such as the Ten Corners Cup in Hong Kong, which has won a number of awards so far.
As debaters, we want to stand up and let the world hear our voices.

Have you ever heard of debate?
Technology may slow down social inequality? Idol has no obligation to restrain fans? Debate may mean everything possible!!
Too academic? No!
Not only knowledge but also friendship ( sweet love!!
Here, we have birthday parties and summer debate trip, looking at the sunrise together......
Join us! Express yourself freely, let the world hear us!


Tel: 5262 8056 / +86 18874724420

Whatsapp: 5262 8056

Wechat: su-mdbte

Students' Union Chinese Health Care Society

Through different activities, students can deepen their understanding of how to maintain good health and help them establish a healthy lifestyle.
Nowadays, college students are often busy with study. Our activities can benefit their body and mind and help them meet new friends from different departments. In addition, these activities can help them relieve pressure.

我地將會搞唔同嘅養生活動,例如香囊工作坊、行山活動、糖水會等等 ✨💥🔥
係咪好吸引呢🤤 快啲加入我地啦!🤩


Tel / Whatsapp / Signal: 9785 2464

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Students’ Union Esports Society

A group of esports lovers established Esports Society, Hong Kong Baptist University Students’ Union (HKBUSU), which aims to be the pioneer of promoting Esports culture in HKBU. We are committed to unite game lovers in HKBU to exchange their gaming experiences and reach a wider audience.



Tel: 5409 0829



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Students’ Union The Riddlebusters

Society finds discounts on various types of puzzle-solving games for everyone. The school will also hold different themed rooms and treasure hunts in the school, including Japanese, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc, so you have fun solving and exciting puzzles! 

坊間有好多密室逃脫嘅遊戲,但係大家覺唔覺得玩嘅時候有好多阻滯呢?洗左二三百蚊但係連第一關都過唔到、約極都約唔夠人玩、等到約齊人又book唔到場…… The Riddlebusters幫到你!;) 


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Wine Association

Do you drink? The HKBU Wine Association offers wine tasting workshops throughout the academic year. There will be seminars on red, white, sparkling, whiskey, and much more! We offer tours around Hong Kong’s biggest wine events, such as Wine & Dine Festival and Wine expo. The HKBU Wine Team also joins various wine tasting competitions every year. Join the Wine Association to spark up your university life!

A warm welcome to HKBU, fellow drinkers. In the Wine Association, you get to learn and taste different wines, and of course, drink responsibly. We are now recruiting members who are willing to learn and are dedicated to joining our functions. Raise your glasses and cheers to university life!


Tel / Whatsapp / Signal: 6278 1977

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