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Students' Union Mathematics Society

Hello everyone! We are Orbiduct, the 48th Mathematics Society. We aim to serve students and to bridge the communication gap between students and the Department of Mathematics at the university. Our society has planned to conduct different activities in the foreseeable future, such as Orientation day, Orientation camp, and Reunion dinner. We are excited to see you guys in the new semester!

大家好!我哋係第48屆數學學會—積跡! 我哋除咗會盡力服務數學系學生之外,亦都會作為學生同數學系之間溝通嘅橋樑㗎! 呢一年我哋將會舉辦唔同嘅活動,如果你有興趣嘅話,就記得成為積跡嘅會員再報名啦! 期待見到你哋嘅出現!

Signal: 9416 4417 (Lee Hazel)

Email: (Lee Hazel)

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