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Mathematics Society

We are Mathema, the Mathematics Society associated with Students’ Union. Mathema hopes to provide a platform for members to enrich their school life and their social circle, also acts as a bridge between students and the department. In the coming year, we will organize different activities for students, such as Oday, Reunion dinner, academic week and so on. Let’s come join us and be a part of Mathema!

對數學系有興趣/啱啱加入數學系嘅你就記得要留意我哋啦,來年我哋會向會員提供唔同既活動,致力充實大家既校園生活!如果大家想識多啲同系嘅朋友同埋參加Oday等多元化活動,就記得成為Mathema嘅會員同follow @hkbusu.mathema 啦~


Tel / WhatsApp / Signal: 6218 5467

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Students’ Union the Student
Association of Science Faculty

We are Sapiens, the current committee of Science Faculty. We'll plan a lot of activities for our members to make their time at school more enjoyable. Likewise, O-day and O-camp will be held to help in the formation of bonds and relationships among freshmen. Let's join us, we are longing to see you soon! Check out our social media to know more~



Tel / WhatsApp / Signal: 9476 7251

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